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Welcome to my Blog!

As a busy mom, I take solace in little joys like reading a book, going for a stroll, and writing about my experiences. Through this blog, I will be sharing such small yet beautiful moments from my life. Take a look through the window to my world and don't forget to check out the photo gallery with some of the pictures taken by my husband.

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Image by Kimberly Farmer


Read before you think... think before you speak

Books are incredible. They make us emotional. For few they are friends and for some, they are part of life. I am here to share a few thoughts on some of the books that I came across and am happy to listen back.



.... To Explore is to Live

Without new experiences, a part of us remains dormant. From the time we take our first breath till we leave it, we learn everything from observing. And to observe things, we need to keep on moving. Each acquaintance teaches us something. Every path we take is a way to learn and grow. Every place we live in gives us a lifetime memory. Every place we travel, gives us wisdom, a chance to build mental resilience, and a feeling of wholeness.

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Thanks for visiting!

Aside from my regular job in IT, I consider writing to be one of my hobbies. As an amateur writer, I enjoy chronicling and sharing my travels with others. I currently live in the UK with my family, and we have explored various regions in Southern UK, France, and Belgium.

Before relocating to the UK, I had the privilege of residing in various regions across India, such as Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Chandigarh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Kolkata. During my time in India, I had the opportunity to explore the unique and diverse cultures of these regions.

I enjoy logging my outdoor experiences, from short walks to exploring wildlife and nature and sharing them with others to spread happiness.

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