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The Name of the Wind

Updated: Jan 26

Nowadays we rarely find good books. Good ones in the sense within no time we might have completed half of it and we will completely drop our reading pace by the time we reach the last chapters from the fear of missing our new bestie. This book falls into that 'good' category. Not sure why I couldn't find this one early.

It's the first book of the Kingkiller chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. The story is about a highly talented boy ('Kvothe') with much self respect, whose life had an unfortunate beginning and the story is about the unexpected twists in life and how he overcomes it. Even though the gist is very common, the way our hero deals with the events in his life will keep us exhilarated. The Story is from medieval times and the narration is so addictive. I just fell in love with the character and it's really worth adding this to your collection. I bought this on my Kindle but it's worth buying a hardcopy as I am planning to read it again. But be aware, this series is not yet complete and the author hasn't released the final book (it's been nearly 10 yrs!).


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