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Ovingdean Beach ⛱

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Many of us are grounded at home with some or the other reason from last year. After a long time, I pushed myself to take a break and enjoy the sun outside. As we live in Brighton, which is one of the popular destinations in summer, I wanted to get away from the city and the crowd. As usual, I took a suggestion from Google and decided to explore Ovingdean beach which is around 7 miles from Preston Park in Brighton and towards Saltdean.

I grabbed my handbag and packed a few essentials like a mask and sanitiser at 1 pm. I purchased a mobile ticket which is valid for 24 hrs from Brighton to Eastbourne through which I can ride any bus at any number of times. After changing 2 buses and crossing a subway I reached the top of the cliff following a trial. The feeling of wind on my face and the view of the English channel beneath the cliff made my day. I kept looking at the horizon for some time and then moved on to climb down a flight of stairs that seemed to lead onto the beach.

But they led onto a landing on a nice paved undercliff walk for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy alike. I could see many families with kids, in their occupied places, relaxing and having fun in the water. I started walking along the path further observing the waves. The weather was touching 23 c and there were no tides. It might have been nice if there was a high tide. I couldn't stop but imagine the mist of splashing waves on my face during high tide.

There is a small cafeteria and a play area for the visitors. I felt the beach is a bit crowded so couldn't get my feet into the water. I think the evening would be the best time if we are planning just for a walk. But anyhow I enjoyed the walk listening to the waves and taking a rest on the pebbly beach for some time before ending the trip. By the time I walked back and reached the cliff to catch a bus back to my home, I was drenched in sweat. It was a bit windy on the top and the cool breeze on the hot sunny day was very soothing. Ovingdean beach is worth a visit.

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