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Penguin Books - The crime at Black Dudley

When I first entered the Skoob Books shop in Central London, I got lost for a couple of moments in the familiar smell of old books. It just took me back to my grandpa's house for a second as he had a personal library in which I was the most active member at my age. After having a nice tour of the entire shop I bought a couple of books from the classic Penguin Books collection. They are the standard books for old English and in those times they created records for best sellers. But in this modern times, we are used to more twists and turns (of course with violence) in the story.

    I enjoyed the novel, not because of the mystery as I could guess the murderer in the first chapter itself, but the way the entire story is narrated. It really is a classic one where we could imagine a pointed boot with a bell-bottom plant lurking in a corner and a shadow with a fist holding a revolver falling on the opposite wall and suddenly there will be a big scream and the lights would go. After a few minutes, lights come back and there will be a dead body in the living room. Now the murder mystery is on!  

The story is a very straightforward one where the last member of the Dudley family organises a weekend party at his mansion. He invites his friend who is a forensic doctor, working closely with the famous Scotland Yard. On the night of Friday, all the guests start a little fun game with Dudley's house dagger which is known to taste the blood on every such occasion. While the team is passing the dagger in dark, Mr Dudley's uncle suddenly gets a heart attack and passes away. Our detective soon realises that it's not a normal heart attack but planned murder. While following the threads to know the real reason for the murder entire group gets caught in the hands of a big criminal organisation. At last, they will get help from local police patrol and everyone escapes the tragedy without any loss of life.

But our detective couldn't sleep for weeks since the crime is unsolved and gives himself a good brainstorm of all the past events from the weekend and finally realises that murder is none other than the host of the party as his Uncle was the mastermind for many crimes and helped the criminals for many years which involved lives of innocent young women one of whom was his love.

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