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Rockery Pond (Brighton)

This one is very near to our live-in place. But I dunno why I couldn't visit this place for nearly 2 years.

It is near to Rookery close bus stop on the busy Preston road which does not give a quiet atmosphere because of the ongoing traffic. But it is really worth spending a very early morning or in the evening on a spring day. Not a big one, but this small garden has a good view from the top.

Just like all other rock gardens, it has a slopy structure with trails. This one is home to many butterflies and bees with a good collection of flowers, Mediterranean Spurges, Wild catmint, and many other flower plants. A small waterfall runs down from the top of the garden into a pond that has few golden fishes which in turn attracts seagulls. There is a small scenic wooden bridge in the middle of this sloppy garden which gives us an experience of satisfying sounds from all sides. The splashing of the water, chirping sounds of the robins, occasional movement of squirrels in woods, following traffic on the motorway (of course it's a noise in the middle of nature's melody, but still an experience is an experience ). It's worth spending few minutes there watching the pond as well as Preston park (one of the best parks in Brighton) which is located on the other side of the road.

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