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The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Osman

This is definitely not the one as described. By reading so many good reviews on different websites I bought this one. Apart from the boring common gist which every murder mystery used to have in olden days, this doesn't even have any attention grabing aspect. This was categorised under 'Comedy' section. The only humour is, me waiting till last page to find a joke. I have a habit of finishing what I start and that's the reason for completing this one.

Basically the story is from diary pages of an old woman in her 80's, who is in verge of her life and who stays in an retirement village with her new friends. The sudden death of the real estate land dealer of that village triggers series of deaths and despite of being old this friends' group (The Thursday Murder Club) solves the crime before the police.

The only good part of the book is, it takes us to the lifestyle of the old people which we usually never seriously consider. It shows us the emotional aspects of the old people competing with new generation or their kids and how it is like to be living at that phase of life. It's a bit hard to accept and me being still young couldn't imagine myself living in future without my family and friends or any reference that connects to my past.

I thought this book would lift my moments in this pandemic but instead it made me feel lost (as if the climatic changes are not enough).

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