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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss

“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentleman.”

This is the sequel for the 'Name of the Wind'. Kvothe's adventures continue in search of unknown to vulnerable extents, to break through the mystery of the death of his parents, and in search of Chandrain (group of seven). Our hero is no longer a boy.. a handsome teenager, who is pretty smart but penniless, kind with his friends, super talented in academics, a rule breaker but not interested in girls.. a perfect quality as a dream boy for a college girl. It has taken me back to my college days.

But the story is too drawn out. Comparing the narration of the first book of the series, this one lost focus. Out of 1000 pages (yes! I read these 1000 pages expecting a climax) the story can be covered in half the length. The story is stretched just to set the audience up for the next book.

At one point, I thought the main villain, 'Chandrian', is forgotten. The pace of the novel suddenly fell and I got tired of running, along with Kvothe through the forests in search of bandits. At this point, I realized the series is not yet completely published. Almost halfway down the book, he executes the bandits, except one, with his 'Sympathy' (magic) just to know that he is one of Chandrian at the later part of the novel. The sarcastic part of the story is why would a notorious and ghostly creature like Chandrian lead a life of a bandit, stealing the taxes from a kingdom when he is capable of vanishing at any time at any place. Hoping this would be explained in the following book 'Doors of the stone'.

Few mythical creatures pop in and out of the story with a bit of romantic touch and the story is nicely woven around in the second half. Longing to read the climax. Hoping Patrick will release the third one next year!

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