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Windsor Great Park

After a long time, we had a really nice family time in Windsor Great Park which is near London. As it was a long weekend due to a bank holiday, my aunt and uncle planned a get-together with our cousins. All of us reached before a day at their home in Hemel Hemstead and as usual, we had a lazy morning. We were 15 including my toddler who was very busy engaging everyone with her tantrums. Oh my god! it was such a relief to me that there were so many others to deal with her (at least for a day!) I just left her in the living room and everyone was taking turns with the cutie. We had our light breakfast and my aunt packed vegetable rice with yoghurt within no time for all of us including snacks.

We set off in our cars and as usual with cocomelon rhymes in our car soundbox (which saved our entire trip stopping my kid from jumping off the car seat) and reached there by 12.30 PM as the car park was full. We had to wait outside for few minutes outside the car park until the queue got cleared. As soon as we entered we had our lunch as the smell was tempting from our bags and also there were nice benches at the entrance with rest rooms and other amenities. There is a cafe and restaurant for quick lunch or snacks but, with a long queue. Again thanks to my aunt and uncle as we never had to waste our time. Once we finished our lunch by 2.00 PM (it took almost an hour and a half to finish our lunch as my kid puked twice and was reluctant to eat), we stuffed our bags back into the cars and set off for a stroll for a long walk along the Virginia water lake.

There are many trails leading to valley gardens, Roman ruins, polo club, and many other landscapes. We couldn't cover the entire park in the short time we spent there. The trail which we picked led us to roman ruins and few beautiful landscapes with waterfalls. We had a really fun time there playing few outdoor games and enjoying ice cream. We couldn't visit the royal gardens but I guess it would be worth spending some time there before winter comes.

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